b.fab turns CO2 and renewable energy into products

b.fab is specialized in the efficient conversion of CO2 and hydrogen (H2) from renewable energy into biotechnological value chains. CO2 and water are abundantly available and therefore it is our starting point to build a sustainable bioeconomy.

We use formate as our central mediator to bind and store CO2 and H2 (made from water) in liquid form. Our bioprocesses start with the feedstock formate and we use Synthetic Biology to design specific pathways and to convert formate into value-added chemicals.

Our platform is built on anaerobic and aerobic microbial production hosts to provide flexibility in the process design and adaptation to specific product requirements. We apply laboratory automation, high-throughput experimentation and advanced bioprocess development in an agile environment to develop new bioprocesses efficiently and in a minimal time frame.

b.fab is dedicated to establish the Formate Bioeconomy in the coming years, and thus, providing an economical and sustainable new way to produce value-added chemicals for various industries.

The company was founded in February 2018 in Dortmund, Germany.